Glenn Chambers!

glenn chambers

When did you start performing? I Started performing when I was 13 and since have played in numerous bands playing drums, bass, guitar and vocals.

Who inspires you? Inspired by artists such Glen Hansard, Darwin Deez, Newton Faulkner, Fionn Regan and The Beach Boys

How would you describe your kind of music? Chilled mix Folk

Where have you previously performed? I Have performed in venues such as The Market Place Theatre “Armagh”, The Space “Bangor”, The Grand Social, Whelan’s, The Village, Black Box, The Lime Light, Vantastival.

Proudest moment/Funniest moment performing: Once I had a residency in Carlingford playing music with a friend of mine, a drunk guy would always turn up week after week to play the spoons for a song or two and we let him because he was quite the talent. We build a silent bond with the man and never exchanged words, we also never saw the man sober. He was great fun and always stole the show.

Any tips to share with other bands/musicians? My tips would be not to take yourself too serious, always have spare strings with you, relax and enjoy your time on stage for you have the talent of making an atmosphere which is an incredible thing within itself. Realise that people aren’t as critical of your performance as you are.

Greatest challenge facing the band/performer… Greatest challenge I think would be getting myself out there and heard and working on my own terms rather than cutting myself short to work with a label.

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