What are your member’s names?

The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Carolann Carlile. Born in Belfast Carolann was raised in the musical heart of Derry- Stendhal and Danny Boys own Limavady. Carolann has never met a cupcake that she didn’t like and loves kittens (especially fluffy ones).

On piano and from rural Dungiven is composer/song writer Raymond O‟Kane. Raymond is a degree level music student and has a background in community related arts. Raymond loves a good cup of tea and isn’t keen on having his photo taken (like ever).

Guitarist and composer Luke McCloskey, from Dungiven Co.Derry is the founding member and original driving force behind the five piece indie-folk band. He loves wine and live music.

The cellist Clíodhna McAteer is a Music graduate and music teacher from South Armagh. Clíodhna joined the band in Spring 2015. She has a wicked sarcastic sense of humour but hates mispronunciation of her name.

Last but not least is Rebecca Hall form Ballymena on violin/fiddle. Rebecca also is a music graduate and music teacher. She joined Lore in late 2015 and has designed her own tattoos.

When did you form the band/start performing?

Lore was originally a 3-piece for a year and half before Clíodhna and Rebecca were added.  Luke and Raymond had been playing together for a few years in cover bands and came across Carolann’s fabulous vocals in a bar in Derry!  Luke, Carolann and Raymond had already released the band’s first EP in October of 2014 and performed in many different venues around the island of Ireland and England.  After this they were looking to expand their sound, so through a string of friends-of-friends Clíodhna and Rebecca joined, changing the sound and taking the band in a new direction.

 Who inspires you?

Each person in the band is of different genre persuasions.  It ranges from musical theatre and irish trad to blues and classical.

How would you describe your kind of music?

It’s difficult to put the band’s sound into one category, but it’s been described as “sophisticated pop” by BBC Radio Ulster presenter Mickey Bradley and we think it fits us quite nicely!

Where have you previously performed?

Venues the band have performed previously includes:

Various Radio Stations, including BBC Radio Ulster, Highland Radio & Near FM Dublin

McGrory’s in Culdaff, Donegal

Roe Valley Arts & Cultural Centre, Limavady

Festival in the Moor, Yorkshire, England

Stendhal Festival, Limavady

Waterfront, Belfast

Proudest moment/Funniest moment performing

Proudest moments for the band performing would have to include the releases of both the EP’s.  Others would include supporting Cara Dillon and Kieran Lavery.  The funniest moments… some are staying within the confines of the band, but the tour to Festival in the Moor in the Yorkshire Dales was most certainly an experience never to be forgotten!

 Any tips to share with other bands/musicians?

Have fun and take your time!  Stay true the individual influences, inspirations and colour that you/your band produce, don’t change it to suit the modern streams of music out there and don’t be afraid to explore different sounds and instruments.  We’re staying true, and growing, in our sound and we’re definitely doing more than alright!

Greatest challenge facing the band…

Getting Raymond willingly into a picture.  And finding someone who will ask Clíodhna how to say her name before attempting it.







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