Sarah and The Sandcastles!

What are your member’s names? Sarah Sands – saxophone/ vocals, Jack O’Hanlon – electric guitar/ backing vocals, Dan Monaghan – bass guitar/ backing vocals, Peter O’Hanlon – drums/recorder

How long have you all known each other/Where did you all meet? We met through school and got to know each other through performing in musicals together becoming great friends.

When did you form the band/start performing? In school and pre rehearsals at shows we did a lot of jamming together and we ended up deciding we should form a band.

Who inspires you? Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher and the living legend Ian Sands.

How would you describe your kind of music? Blues / Rock

Where have you previously performed? We played the Aviva stadium together a few months ago which was an interesting experience!

Proudest moment/Funniest moment performing Jack almost dropping a guitar on stage because the strap broke was the funniest! Sarah singing a full set the first time without a single rehearsal was definitely the proudest moment.

Any tips to share with other bands/musicians? One of the main reasons we play is for the love of music and the enjoyment, so never forget why you began playing as it will always be there to give you new opportunities.

Greatest challenge facing the band/performer… Getting Sarah to sing on her own and helping her realise she is more than capable of it, once she started we never looked back.

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