Tallann Maguire!


When did you start performing? I started playing guitar at the age of fourteen and performing followed soon after.

Who inspires you? My mother is the most inspirational person I know. Musically speaking, I derive Inspiration from the likes of Ben Howard, Florence Welch and Macklemore. I try to develop my own, unique sound when it comes to songwriting.

How would you describe your kind of music? Alternative Singer/Songwriter.

Where have you previously performed? I’ve performed at venues all across the country. From the Town Hall and The Nun’s Island Theatre in my hometown of Galway to the Aviva in Dublin; I love to perform and will gladly play anywhere.

Proudest Moment: Writing an original song and filming a music video for a RTÉ show that I was part of in Australia called Blue Zoo. Funniest Moment: Busking on the streets of Galway and having a whole group of students from Italy clapping along to my song ‘Eyes Afire’ and hearing it sung back to me in Italian.

My biggest tip to any performer and anyone in life really is: Be passionate. If you go about your life full of passion and a real, honest zeal with everything you do, life has a way of rewarding you handsomely.

The greatest challenge with everything in life is staying committed. It’s too easy to give up and you owe it to yourself to try your darnedest with the things you care about.

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